These Videos Of BTS Messing Up & Recovering Flawlessly Prove They’re Master Performers

BTS takes performing to the next level. They always try to outdo themselves by incorporating harder choreography and more mind-blowing set designs each time they take the stage. Their end-of-the-year performances also include dance breaks that add to the experience of seeing them live. For the most part, these happen without any mishaps, but after putting on countless performances that get exponentially more complex with each passing year, things like wardrobe malfunctions and technical difficulties are bound to happen sometimes. These videos of BTS messing up and recovering flawlessly prove they’re professionals who never let unexpected moments phase them.


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Perrie Edwards suffers wardrobe malfunction in hilarious BTS blooper from Sweet Melody video.

Perrie Edwards shared hilarious BTS bloopers from Little Mix’s Sweet Melody online video on Wednesday, prior to revealing she was ‘feeling like s***’ owing to a absence of exercising.

The blonde beauty, 27, seemed sensational in a an ab-flashing bikini prime and black combats in the candid clip from the movie shoot which showed her sultrily laying on the flooring in advance of a hunky dancer pulled her up for an embrace.

Nevertheless the choreography didn’t pretty go as planned, as when Perrie was pulled up, her trousers slipped, revealing her underwear and a trace of her posterior as the

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