These Videos Of BTS Messing Up & Recovering Flawlessly Prove They’re Master Performers

BTS takes performing to the next level. They always try to outdo themselves by incorporating harder choreography and more mind-blowing set designs each time they take the stage. Their end-of-the-year performances also include dance breaks that add to the experience of seeing them live. For the most part, these happen without any mishaps, but after putting on countless performances that get exponentially more complex with each passing year, things like wardrobe malfunctions and technical difficulties are bound to happen sometimes. These videos of BTS messing up and recovering flawlessly prove they’re professionals who never let unexpected moments phase them.


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What We Can Master From Ringo Starr’s Model

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Ringo Starr’s primal drumming helped ring in the explosion of 60s subculture, and at any time since, his rhythm has been critical to driving music into model new territory. He’s tapped into all kinds of genres in the course of his occupation, and that multifaceted method to development does not just utilize to his own songs. It applies to his personalized type, far too.

Remaining just one quarter of the world’s biggest band naturally shone the highlight

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