An Ode to A Knight’s Tale’s Perfect David Bowie Dance Scene

Once upon a time in a treacherous land called LAX, two men met at the flying-saucer-shaped restaurant that used to hover over the tarmac. Designed by Disney Imagineers and decked out with lava lamps and fiber-optic lighting, the futuristic hot spot called Encounter was once described as “the kinda place George Jetson, James Bond, and Barbarella could drink together.”

Reportedly frequented by everyone from Shaq to the Austin Powers cast during its late-’90s heyday, on this occasion, Encounter played host to Heath Ledger. It was 1999, and the actor was on his way home to Australia on a break from

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Foreigners shake up Egypt’s stomach dancing scene

Egypt’s stomach dancing scene thrived past century, when icons like Samia Gamal and Tahya Carioca rose to fame on the silver screen. But researchers say Egyptian modern society has mainly observed the dance as enjoyment, to be watched but hardly ever taken up as a profession.

FILE: Moroccan belly dancer Maya Dbaich dances at a marriage in Egypt’s money Cairo. Picture: AFP

CAIRO – At a Cairo marriage ceremony hall, Russian stomach dancer Anastasia Biserova shimmied to the dance flooring in a vivid, higher-slit skirt and an elaborately sequined bra leading.

She swirled her diaphanous pink shawl and glided by

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Foreigners flock to Egypt for its belly dancing scene

Whilst quite a few see Cairo as the birthplace of tummy dancing, authorities in the country have in the past couple of a long time started off targeting performers

At a Cairo wedding corridor, Russian tummy dancer Anastasia Biserova shimmied to the dance floor in a dazzling, superior-slit skirt and an elaborately sequined bra leading.&#13

She swirled her diaphanous pink shawl and glided by way of the hall as a band pumped out audio, though the group broke into rapturous applause — all captured in a video clip posted on the net.&#13

“There is no nation all-around the

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