Seductive Stripping Tips – How To Undress To Impress

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Do you want to know how to strip but feel too shy, timid or insecure? Do you feel that it’s only for professional strippers or for women with amazing bodies? Think again. Every woman can use a few simple steps to turn taking her clothes off in to some seriously sensual stripping.

Taking your clothes off sexily is one of the easiest things you can do to impress a man or get his attention without a lot of work going in to it on your part. Men simply love to watch a sexy woman stripping but the good news for you is that it doesn’t have to be anything like professional stripping.

Sensual stripping is something that you can do at anytime because when it comes to learning how to strip, the great news is that you already take your clothes off everyday and you don’t need any special skills, or any particular classes to become good at it. No matter what shape, height or size you are, turning your everyday undressing in to seductive stripping is merely down to the fine tuning of a few classic movements.

Sensual stripping is effortless, chic and when done well should appear as if it comes totally second nature to you, like a modern day goddess carelessly removing her clothes for the day. It’s really as easy as just becoming more aware of how you take your clothes off and owning your body with all of its beauty and all of its flaws. And once you discover the power of the strip, and realize the influence it has over men, it can definitely make you feel more confident, sexier and eager to get it on, just as a result of taking it all off.

How To Strip

When unbuttoning a shirt or top, use small delicate hand movements. Slowly undo the buttons starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom and try not to get flustered if the buttons stick. You can sex this up a bit by only using one hand while having the other on your hip. Look at you partner intently as you do this.

Use seductive stripping while taking a top off over your head. Either stand with your legs together in a feminine stance with one ball on the foot knee pointing in, or go for a stronger stance with your legs sexily spread apart with your weight slightly to one side. Cross your arms across your chest and suck your stomach in as you lift your hands up over your head. Shake your head and let your hair flow out as you do this.

When taking off a skirt, unfastened it at the waist, then let it drop to the floor. Bend over to the side with your legs together, and pick it up. This can be the same for a dress.

Taking off a big jacket or a trench coat is also incredibly sexy. Make the most of it by standing directly in front of your man with your legs apart, your weight slightly over one leg. Look him in the eye as you deliberately undo the buttons. Even if he knows you have a big wooly jumper underneath, just this movement alone will have him imagining that really there is nothing underneath.

Taking off jeans can be particularly tricky and it can certainly become quite difficult if they are especially tight. But with the right sensual stripping tips you can actually turn taking your jeans off in to the quite the art form. When undoing them, pull the zip down and then slowly pull each side apart to reveal your underwear, then slowly push them down as you sexily move your hips from side to side. Push them all the way down to your calves and then try to gracefully step out of them. If you know that this is not going to be possible for you and you know that they are going to get stuck over your ankles then try doing it sitting or laying on your bed. Try to roll them down your lower legs as you are perched on the end of your bed, then maneouver them over each ankle as you delicately point your foot.

Learning how to strip is easy when you’re including your footwear, especially knee high boots. Sit delicately on the edge of the bed or chair with your legs crossed. Slowly begin to unzip your boot from the knee, right down to the very bottom. It’s the very deliberate and exaggerated movements that make doing this sensual stripping so enticing to watch.

Removing stockings is also great for this. If you have ever watched a burlesque performance you will know how they ever so seductively roll each stocking down the length of their leg then pop right off their foot. This is a great visual and is also good for adding a bit of cheeky humour to the mood.

Needless to say by the time you get down to your underwear not a lot of effort or thought for that matter is required when taking it off. The simple unclasping of a bra to reveal your breasts is simply sexy enough.

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