Drums and Percussion Musical Instruments

A variety of factors help determine the most appropriate type of drums and percussions to choose from before making a purchase. Therefore, it is important to know the different types available in the market and what they are specifically meant for. In addition, having some basic knowledge on the history […]

Important Facts About Dancing

Dancing has been around for probably as long as humans have walked upright. Dancing has been important to every human society throughout history. Read on for some fun and important facts about dancing. 1) Dancing appears to be innate – watch small children reacting to music – they start to […]

The Right Farenheit in Jamaica

Dancing Trousers

He was named ‘Fahrenheit’ by DJ Don Flash, and sure enough he seems to always be at the right temperature, tempo and all that. Terrence Harold, of Jamaican soil is also known as “Farenizzi”, employs his many talents in exposing Jamaica, its people, culture and skills to the world. An […]

Getting Into Plus Sized Modeling

Dancing Trousers

In these modern times, modeling is for every shape and size. A need has grown for plus models as society finally recognizes that attractive bodies come in all shapes and sizes. If you are a larger person you can certainly consider being a plus-size model, here are some tips. Ensure […]

Considering Plus Sized Modeling?

Dancing Trousers

Are you plus size and wondering if you have a chance in the modeling world? If so than you have come to the right place. Until recently, plus sized women were unwelcome in the modeling world. However, recently, plus size women around the world have been embracing their bodies and […]