Sexy Lingerie: How To Choose A Flattering Color For Your Sexy Lingerie

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We all know that there are a lot of types of sexy lingerie out there, but regardless of which style you choose the color is also a very, very important. This is because every woman has a color or colors that look good on her, or make her look good.

Remember that wearing sexy lingerie isn’t only about turning someone else on, it’s about feeling great bout yourself too! To do this you need to wearing lingerie that’s suitable and helps you look great. There are three things to consider: Size, style and color; and here we’re going to look at how you can choose the color of lingerie that’s perfect just for you!

Which color or colors will look best on me then?

When you shop for sexy lingerie do you think about the color first or just plump for your favorite color? Perhaps you just stick to boring old black or white (which in fairness does suit most women, but aren’t the most inspiring or sexy choices)? It may be that you’ve been wearing an unsuitable color all of these years that actually detracts from your sexiness, not adds to it! The choosing of lingerie color in order to find one that’s perfect for you isn’t too hard though, so don’t worry. You simply need to consider three factors.

1. Skin tone

Your skin tone will affect your color choice quite heavily as it may lead to certain colors washing you out or being too similar and looking anonymous. If you’re very fair then you should choose lighter colors, such as sky blue, baby pink and other light pastels. These won’t wash you out like darker and brighter colors can. If you’re tanned then darker colors will work better, whereas lighter pastels will be certain to wash you out and look boring.

For dark-skinned women it’s actually possible to get away with any color! Darker colors like crimson and emerald lend themselves naturally to your skin tone for sure, but if you go with lighter colors you’ll find that they give you a delightful and interesting contrast.

2. Hair color

Hair color is very similar to skin tone in terms of the color you should choose to be assured of perfect sexy lingerie. Just as in fair-skinned girls, blondes will be suited best by pale colors such as light pastels which won’t swamp your naturally light color. The problem is that darker colors can wash out your face making you look drawn which certainly isn’t the sexy look you’re going for!

Brunettes and dark haired girls will find strong, dark colors far more suitable; so they can choose all sorts of interesting colors such as earth tones, metallic and even fun prints. As a rule, try to choose a color that’s darker than your brown hair, otherwise your hair will draw the eye and your lingerie will become very anonymous. Red, green, blue and purple are all suitable options. Finally, if you have fiery red hair then bright colors will work well, so go to town on metallic and striking blues, greens and purples! The main concern is not to swamp your natural hair color, or to let it overshadow your lingerie.

3. Eye color

Everyone knows that flattering colors are usually those that match your eye color whether in clothing or lingerie. Typically colors that are similar to your eye color will look good, so if you have blue eyes then blue lingerie will be most appropriate for you. Earth tones and greens can also look good, as many blue-eyed people have flecks of both in their eyes.

If you have brown eyes then browns, greens and blues are all OK. Other darker colors such as red and purple will also work well however. Green eyes are matched well by green, but brown and earth tones will also be flattering.

The main thing is to try some different colors and to bear in mind colors that suit you when you are shopping for sexy lingerie as well. This could be the difference between you looking alright and amazing!

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