The popular dance party “In Bed by Ten” is back on a summer tour around Pittsburgh | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

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In Bed by Ten Dance Party at Spirit 2018

The popular Pittsburgh party, which promises dancers to go home at a decent time, is back after a pandemic break. Bed by ten The event returns after more than a year of direct absence, and there are five outdoor events scheduled for a summer tour across the city. Dance parties are all held in different locations and include live DJs and local charities.

In Bed by Ten was created in 2015 Hosted within the spirit of Lawrenceville by local artist and DJ Matt Buchholtz. But this year we are heading in a different direction for a restart.

Buccholz surveyed In Bed with 10 fans about where they feel most comfortable when the event returns. As a result, it was found that the majority were interested in outdoor events for the safety measures of COVID-19.

“That’s what led us to reach out to Pittsburgh’s Downtown Partnership, its Allegheny Overlook Space, and the Southside Works Music of the Mon Series,” Bukcolz said in a press release.

In addition to the South Sideworks and Allegheny Overlook outdoor venues, other locations featured on the summer tour include local breweries in Garfield, Spring Hill and Bloomfield. The details are as follows.

80’s night at Allegheny Overlook

Friday, July 30th. From 6 pm to 9:600 feet. Duquesne Blvd., Downtown

In Bed by Ten begins their summer tour with a slowback night featuring DJ EZ Lou, who plays only the best of the 1980s. The event is generally free, but guests can purchase a $ 5 wristband to get beer and wine from Brew Gentlemen. Wristband revenue goes directly to the local charity 412 Food Rescue. Food vendors Blue Sparrow Food Truck and Good Eats are available throughout the event.

Trace brewing pop-up

Friday, August 6th, 6pm-9pm 4312 Main St., Bloomfield

Bloomfield’s Trace Brewing hosts In Bed by Ten with a DJ set by MB and jellyfish Formosa in the courtyard of the brewery. Trace Brewing serves craft beer and cocktails overnight, along with Stuntpig dishes. The event is free, but donations are accepted to support the LGBTQ + organization TrueT Pittsburgh, which celebrates the Queer People of Color through creative art, entertainment, resource sharing and activities.

Two Frays Brewing pop-up

Friday the 13th August 6 pm-9pm 5113 Penn Avenue, Garfield

The In Bed by Ten summer tour marks the midpoint on Garfield’s Two Frays Brewing outdoor patio. The event will feature craft drinks from Pittsburgh’s new brewery and DJ sets from MB and INAZ. The event will accept donations to the local arts organization BOOM Concepts.

Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer Pop-up at Spring Hill Brewery

Friday, August 20th, 6 pm-9pm. 1958 Varley St. , North side

In Bed by Ten will be attending Spring Hill Brewing’s Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer for this late August dance event. Get a beer and buy vintage pieces while jamming into a set of DJ Jason and Michael from the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer.

Flash dance in Bed by SouthSide Works jellyfish Ten and Ricky Moslen

Wednesday, September 1st, 7:00 pm. 2795 S Water St., South Side

The final destination of the Inbed by Ten Summer Tour is Southside Works, before the Flash Dance was screened in Southside Works’ Mon Series music. The dance event will feature a moving set of DJ MB and Ricky Molsen from Jellyfish.

The popular dance party “In Bed by Ten” is back on a summer tour around Pittsburgh | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

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