5 Pieces Of Men’s Clothing In Your Wardrobe

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Gentlemen’s fashion is usually less varied than that of women. There is little room for variation, but dare to include these 5 pieces of men’s clothing in your wardrobe and you will improve your style. We recommend clothes that will help you break the rules. 

Dare To Include These 5 Pieces Of Men’s Clothing In Your Wardrobe

Do not stay with the typical leather jacket, black suit, white shirt and leather shoes. For men there are also different options to look fashionable. Despite all those rules you hear, there are options for going out of the ordinary in men’s dress clothes.

Essentials Hoodie

Essentials Hoodie associated with little adult or formal looks. But the truth is that they are a basic piece in today’s men’s wardrobe.

Remember when wearing this type of outfit that they must fit very well. Too tight it will seem that they cut off the circulation in the biceps and too lose you will look untidy. Hoodies are part of the clothing that every man should have. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were all the rage in the late 90s, early 2000s. Especially among young people. From there they became much frowned upon, any adult who used them gave the impression of being disheveled.

But the truth is that they are very comfortable and useful pants, what you should do is look for some that fit you well, that are your size and with straight legs. Wear them with button-down shirts, sweaters, and a blazer as an alternative to chinos for a casual look. For a casual look combine them with a sweatshirt.

Finally, avoid carrying things in your pockets, because they will end up ringing or marking.

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Extravagant Sneakers

Minimalist sneakers, generally white, have their space in fashion, they continue to be used. But, in addition to these, the “ugly” oversized shoes are making their way, reminiscent of the nineties.

Fashion brands like Prada and designers like Stella McCartney have daddy slippers in their collections. They are shoes with a large sole and of very varied colors, for both men and women.

Our advice to the gentlemen is to wear the extravagant shoes, but wisely. You can’t wear them with suits, but they do go very well with joggers and even men’s jeans.

Floral Print

Floral is widely associated with summer. Short-sleeved button-down shirts with flowers are a classic of these seasons. But it is not limited to this time or this piece.

What you should be clear about is that it is far from being a print only for women. And that men can look great with this one. It doesn’t have to be a Hawaiian shirt, now flowers are combined with dark tones like blue or black. And you can wear a patterned shirt with a solid color jacket for a little more seriousness.

Waist Packs

In other posts we have mentioned that fanny packs returned, and in a big way, they began to be seen on the haute couture catwalks. These are another element of the nineties that is back in fashion. No one thought it would be like this, but they are here so you need to know how to use them.

Sometimes, not to say fanny packs, they refer to them as cross wallets, but in reality they are fanny packs. Those bags that were associated with 90s looks. They go around the waist.

Fanny packs are back because they are so practical. You will have everything you need close to your body, they are very safe and you will not carry the weight in your pockets.