Dream Bilingual Collaborations For 2021

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Below, read about the collabs that are on our wish list and why we think they’d work.

Dream collaboration: Rosalía and Billie Eilish

Why it would work: We know this collaboration is happening, but the million-dollar question here is: when? Back in April 2020, the Spanish star said she had been working on finishing the song in her “little” studio. “I have been trying to finish the Billie Eilish collab. I think it’s getting quite close,” she said in an interview.

We’ve been patiently waiting since. Could be that she’s waiting to include it in her forthcoming album. What makes this team-up exciting is that both artists are experimental, edgy and are exceptional songwriters — we’re in for a ride.

Dream collaboration: Karol G and Rihanna

Why it would work: If Karol G’s Rihanna tattoo on her arm is any indication, she’s a major fan. “I feel like she’s like me,” Karol previously told Billboard. “She presents herself as a real woman, she doesn’t care about the negative comments. I love her lyrics because she sings about love, heartbreak, woman empowerment, and I feel that we have similar personalities.”

RiRi, who has already collaborated with Shakira, would fit perfectly on the beat of “Bichota” or even on a brand new track.

Dream Collaboration: Junior H and Lil Nas  X

Why it would work: Junior H and Lil Nas X represent a new generation of artists that defy the status quo through music refusing to be categorized or put in a box. We’d love to see this collab happen, and we’d think it works because both have organically fused two genres (hip-hop with country or regional Mexican) that a few years ago would have seemed unorthodox.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Spanshlish remix of  Lil Nas X’s hip-hop-meets-country track “Old Town Road” featuring the trap corridos emerging artist Junior H?

Dream collaboration: Bad Bunny and Harry Styles

Why it would work: Somewhere on the road of Britpop and urban Latin, Harry Styles and Bad Bunny need to meet. Not only are these two artists clever and innovative when it comes to creating music and experimenting with new genres, but they simply make music on their own terms — taking a different approach than what’s trending.

We already got a taste of alternative pop-rock Bad Bunny on El Ultimo Tour del Mundo, and now we’d like to hear Harry Styles flirt with old-school reggaeton beats. Plus, we can’t forget both of their daring and sexy fashion-forward styles.

Dream collaboration: Kany García and Taylor Swift

Why it would work: This may be the most far-fetched collaboration on our wish list, but if you want something, you put it out into the universe, right? Swift has yet to tap into the Latin space and this pair-up just makes sense. The duet with these pop darlings would work because they both have a way with achingly beautiful, personal, and commanding lyrics.

Dream collaboration: J Balvin and Post Malone

Why it would work: J Balvin has a couple of remarkable bilingual collabs in his repertoire including songs with Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, and Dua Lipa, to name a few. Though he’s a reggaeton star, he’s managed to tap into hip-hop, dance, and pop melodies all while keeping true to his Latin essence. Like Balvin, Post Malone has proven to be a very versatile artist and who knows? Maybe a “Circles (Remix)” with a spice of urbano could become the next very big hit of 2021.

Dream collaboration: Camilo and Sam Smith

Why it would work: This collab would work because these two pop crooners aren’t afraid to show vulnerability and emotion in their lyrics. Sam Smith’s powerhouse vocals would compliment Camilo’s delicate vocals. Like Taylor Swift, Sam Smith has yet to collaborate with a Latin artist. It’s never too late.

Dream collaboration: Natti Natasha and Cardi B

Why it would work: Two of the Dominican Republic’s biggest names: one is a reggaeton all-star and the other is hip-hop’s darling. A Natti Natasha and Cardi B collaboration is long overdue. Many times the two Dominicanas have exchanged tweets admiring each other’s work. Well, we think 2021 is the year to set that in stone. Whether they take the bachata route, the reggaeton route, the hip-hop route, or even the dembow route, we believe this collab — of full Dominican finesse — would be an important one in Latin music.

Dream collaboration: Nicki Nicole and Drake

Why it would work: “Colocao como Drake” – that’s a catchy chorus line included in Nicki Nicole’s uptempo smash hit “Colocao.” The emerging Argentine R&B-trap artist has already expressed her interest in collaborating with the Canadian rapper — who has inspired her career — on a remix for “Colocao,” and we think it’d work. Drake collaborated with Bad Bunny in 2018 on “Mía” where he sang in Spanish, so what’s one more?

Dream collaboration: Daddy Yankee and Missy Elliot

Why it would work: Like J Balvin, Daddy Yankee has already teamed up with English-speaking artists such as Janet Jackson and Katy Perry, but one artist we think he’ll mesh perfectly with is Missy Elliot. A fusion of old-school reggaeton and old-school hip-hop with both Daddy and Missy exchanging their quick-paced, witty freestyles just sounds like the collaboration of our ‘90s dreams.

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