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Most women do not have a perfect body. So does that mean just because we are not “perfectly” proportioned that we are banned from ever looking or feeling sexy? I know as you are reading this you are probably thinking, “well no that is ridiculous.” HELLO! We may not “say” it out loud, but if we are not buying and wearing sexy lingerie for ourselves; isn’t that what we “are” saying to ourselves?

Okay so now that we have had our little “wake up call” let’s talk. Let’s talk about sexy lingerie and why sexy lingerie? Do you like to feel good about yourself, pretty, important, confident? Of course you do, who doesn’t? It is all about “treating” yourself. It is quite a boost to yourself to wear something “pretty” and “sexy”. Sexy lingerie that is Lacey, satiny, and soft just makes you feel sexy and good.

It doesn’t matter on your size. No really it doesn’t! First off who else is going to see you? It is not like you are going to be posing for a picture or walking down a runway in just your lingerie. Okay so you have a romantic someone who will be seeing you in it. So what! It is just a bonus. You feel pretty and sexy and your romantic someone already knows you are the sexiest thing ever!! Yes I said “EVER” so you win either way.

If you are more a plus size or as I have learned some lingerie companies call their plus size diva size there are so many sexy and pretty lingerie pieces out there. I know for a fact that Fun 4 All Ways Gifts (which is a website store which sells sexy lingerie and other romantic fun stuff) carries a very good variety of plus and diva size lingerie. They have high end lingerie but reasonable prices.

In case you are really new to choosing sexy lingerie I thought it would be fun to touch on some of the different types of lingerie that is out there. There are baby dolls, teddies, a corset or bustier, chemise, bra and panty sets, and leather and vinyl. Oh and the leather and vinyl come in baby dolls, teddies, a corset or bustier. To add that extra something sexy you should buy sexy fishnets to match your lingerie. Some of the lingerie comes with detachable garter belts that you could set your thigh highs to. Also some of lingerie has the fishnets included.

So there you have it. I hope I have helped you realize that no matter your body shape or size you can and will feel sexy. So what are you waiting for? Get started…feel confident, feel pretty, feel sexy, be sexy . You deserve it! Go ahead you know you want too!

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