How to Shop For My Boutique?

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TIPS Nihao Jewelry: What should and should not be done when buying clothes?

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Do you feel defeated because you feel like you’re selling what others are selling? Do customers get bored with what you have to offer them? Need some inspiration? Our pros and cons to buying for your boutique at will surely serve you to fill your store for next season!  


As a business owner, you have a million things happening at the same time and there is no way that you can remember the thousands of codes that you acquire and especially the number of sales that are made per day. Keep a spreadsheet designated specifically for this purpose! Make sure you write down key information about the codes you work with, clothing quality, fit, turnover rates, and sales. On our platform, you can identify the clothes by the suffix letters and the first SKU numbers so you know which clothes certain styles come from.

You can also use this to rediscover models you’ve used in the past. Chances are that the clothes have some new designs for you to discover!

You should obviously take advantage of the flight of trends, but the moment you see that the stores around you begin to sell exactly the same items is time to change and offer other things to your customers.

The most important thing is to have your customer in mind, only that way you can continue buying accurately with respect to their tastes.


It is a form to measure the previous subsection, when you see that all who resell do it with exactly the same products. 

It’s also a good way to find inspiration or spot a new trend.


When you ask another boutique owner about where you buy, what code you use, he is asking you to reveal the secret that it may have taken several hours, days or even months to discover. While some boutique owners may be brave enough to say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t share my suppliers,” some may be more passive and give away those hours with just one question. At Nihao Jewelry we have a Facebook group so you can ask questions about how to buy on the platform once you have found us: Nihao Jewelry Facebook group

Also, really shopping for your business should be focused on how you want to build your brand and create your ideal customer. The easy way is never the best way to grow your business. So it will always be good to learn and continue researching.

what should and should not be done when buying clothes


Did you find a product on Pinterest or Facebook and you are not sure about the brand? Do a reverse Google search here: and you can see how much the product is moving or who is offering it. It’s as simple as clicking a button.


For those who haven’t been to a Fashion trend show, it can be considered a great shopping trip! However, once you arrive, you may feel overwhelmed and confused. Develop an “attack plan” before attending, prepare a budget, a map, a breakdown of the inventory to buy and a list of suppliers you want to visit. It’s a good way to get to know independent brands that, although they are usually priced at a higher wholesale price than NIHAO Jewelry, will help you create a good mix in your inventory for your customers.


If you’re splitting a package, do it only with boutique owners you know and trust! Even then, do it at your own risk. Because sometimes someone doesn’t pay a bill. Someone else pays, but they never get their items. We’ve heard about these problems all the time! Often, this practice breaks with our goal of encouraging and encouraging customers to invest with us and promote a close business relationship, instead of just dipping your toe in the water and taking advantage of all the benefits of having your own shopping history.

But do you still think express shipping from China is expensive? If so… no one would care about China, it will only be a matter of letting us and showing you how the shipping works and how you can make the shipping fee work for you. We’ll be talking about this, so you can keep an eye on it. 

How to Shop For My Boutique tips


Are you still a small business and you don’t have the funds to order more than $2000 pesos to optimize shipping? Ask about the showroom in Monterrey and how you can stock up on the inventory we have for you.

DO NOT – Resign! 🙂

Most importantly, don’t give up! If having a boutique is your dream, go ahead! The only thing standing in your way is you. If things seem to be falling apart around you, change your perspective. Be very aware of what we will be sharing in Nihao Jewelry facebook group, surely it will help you a lot to raise your business.

DO IT – use all the resources we’ll be sharing on the blog, group and every post we do. All the information we share we assure you will serve you on the way to building the business of your dreams.

If you are already a member of Nihao’s Facebook group, you will be able to see opinions from other entrepreneurs and expert advice to grow your business. JOIN HERE 

We hope you liked our article “How to shop for my boutique? TIPS Nihao Jewelry: What should and should not be done when buying clothes? ” How else can Nihao Jewelry help you grow?

Soon you will get information on how to grow your business, we will share tons of training, information and most importantly, connect with us! We’ve come a long way and we can help you grow along with us. 

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