John Lewis customers invest in energy saving cooking gadgets to save cash – Retail Times

John Lewis has seen sales of pressure cookers soar in line with rising energy costs, with sales up 110% compared to last year and online searches on up 264%. 

For previous generations who grew up with a pressure cooker in the house, the device was often viewed with apprehension letting out an alarming hiss as steam escaped from the valve. But now the cost of living has put the new generation of pressure cookers back in kitchens across the UK, with new models easier and safer to use, with many featuring automated settings.

The cooking method often used by our parents and grandparents to tenderise cheaper cuts of meat is once again popular as now, thrifty, time-poor cooks rediscover the time and fuel-saving benefits of these marvellous machines.

Other energy saving gadgets which are featuring on customers’ shopping lists are: 

Air Fryers – sales at John Lewis are up 176% on last year 

Slow Cookers – sales at John Lewis are up 262% on last year

Helen Carey, chef at Waitrose Cookery School, said: “As well as reducing your energy costs, pressure cookers can save you money on the cuts of meat you buy –  they’re great for cooking cheaper cuts such as ribs, with searches for our Sticky soy-braised short ribs on up 64%. 

“Pressure cookers also drastically reduce cooking times, making casseroles, curries, chillies and other slow-cook dishes in as little as 30 to 40 minutes. 

“For the flexitarians and vegetarians, pressure cookers speed up the cooking time for dried pulses such as beans or chickpeas, which are a lot cheaper than their canned alternative – perfect for a warming winter stew.”

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