Rebekah Vardy’s fling with Pete Andre and apology for cruel ‘chipolata’ bedroom jibe

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Rebekah Vardy once had a night of passion with Peter Andre, which she claimed was the worst of her life.

The Dancing on Ice star was still married to first husband Mark Godden, but they had already separated, when she had sex with the Mysterious Girl singer in 2001.

During a tell-all newspaper interview in 2004, Rebekah made some savage remarks about Pete’s performance in the bedroom.

Becky spoke of the size of Andre’s manhood, saying it was like a “miniature chipolata”.

She also claimed he “had absolutely no hairs on his body” and slavered “like one of her boxer dogs” when he kissed her.

“I told my husband I was going to London to work. (Andre) led me upstairs,” Becky said.

Rebekah Vardy claimed it wasn't worth the train fare to see Peter
Rebekah Vardy claimed it wasn’t worth the train fare to see Peter

“I told him I was married. I wanted to be honest and I knew my marriage was coming to an end.

“He stripped me and took his top off. I thought he was going to be a fantastic lover. Then he took his trousers off! It wasn’t worth the train fare.

“Peter was tiny. The smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen. It was like a miniature chipolata.”

Peter has not replied directly to the claims, but did manage to have a laugh about Becky’s comments.

Taking to Instagram, Peter shared a picture of a butcher holding onto a giant sausage that was even taller than the man.

Showing his sense of humour after the interview resurfaced, he quipped: “Now that’s a banger :):)”

Pete then cheekily added: “Chipolata anyone?”

Rebekah Vardy revealed secrets of her night of passion with Peter Andre
Rebekah Vardy revealed secrets of her night of passion with Peter Andre

One person who didn’t see the funny side was Becky’s first husband Mark, who was mocked at work when the revelation broke.

“She moved into a promotions job and said she had an overnight job in London,” he told The Mirror in 2017.

“That’s when she slept with Peter Andre and later sold her story. She was pictured in her bra and knickers.”

In response, a representative for Rebekah said: “There was no infidelity whilst she was married to Mark and once they agreed to separate, she went on to live her own life, as did Mark.”

Ahead of Becky’s High Court battle with Coleen Rooney, she tried to make amends by apologising to Peter.

Peter Andre posted this sassy response to Rebekah Vardy's sausage comments
Peter Andre posted this sassy response to Rebekah Vardy’s sausage comments

A source told the Sun On Sunday that Becky reached out to Pete with a texted apology – but he reportedly did not respond.

“Rebekah felt really bad Peter was dragged into proceedings and her old interview about him was brought up again,” said the source.

“She was in a totally different place in her life then and never imagined her words would come back to haunt them both. She wishes him all the best now.

“She messaged him on Instagram to apologise for the public mess but, unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears. He didn’t respond.”

Luckily, Pete’s wife Emily MacDonagh seems to have no problems in the bedroom department – the two share two children and are keen to expand their brood again.

Rebekah Vardy apologised to Peter Andre amid her court battle with Coleen Rooney
Rebekah Vardy apologised to Peter Andre amid her court battle with Coleen Rooney

In December last year, legal documents filed to the court by the WAG’s lawyers as part of her ongoing court case with Coleen Rooney explained she had apologised to Peter.

Rebekah’s lawyers claimed she felt “pressured” into the remark and “has apologised” to the singer in the years since.

Despite the original piece in 2004 suggesting she and Mark were together, Rebekah’s camp insist while technically married, they were separated.

“I was still married to her and got such a ribbing at work. They stuck up the picture in the toilet. She’d told me she was meeting the singer for work,” Mark told The Mirror.

“She was trying to break into modelling and she looks for fellas who try to enhance her lifestyle.”

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