St. Clair Scents Gardener’s Glove

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Because I have a convenient 15ml travel size, I’ve had this little bottle of St. Clair Scents Gardener’s Glove in the pocket of my jacket and I’d been walking around with it.And then, somewhere, I lost it. I went to wear it on Monday, and it wasn’t in the jacket pocket.

I searched everywhere and couldn’t think of where it might be. I went on my usual walks around the neighbourhood and couldn’t see it anywhere. I consoled myself in the way we do when we lose something dear to us: what’s meant for me will find me.

Then, yesterday on the way home from the park, I saw something glinting out of the corner of my eye under a tree… and there was my bottle. Hot from the sun, but glass and juice intact. I had given up looking for it and I was sure I wouldn’t find it, but there it was. Waiting for me.

Gardener’s Glove by St. Clair Scents is very citrusy to start, like fresh lemon juice, and then the florals enter, softer and closer to the skin. Rose, jasmine… A drydown with castoreum which is usually animalic but doesn’t really have much bite here. Smoothly blended, concentrated, slowly evolving, this is still a perfume that resists being stuck in a category.

If it’s a leather, it’s a floral suede one at that. If it’s a green perfume, it’s not sharp and fresh all the way through. A favourite to wear in the summer when it’s super hot, because the rose in it really blooms and is more enjoyable.  I love this perfume, and I’ll probably have it for years to come.  Although I’ve had it for over a year, I still haven’t come across anything like it.

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