Stripper Tips – Do Girls Really Earn a Six Figure Income?

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need stripper tips? Recently girls have been leaving their jobs or being made redundant and turning to Stripping. These women have worked in large corporate banks and other prestigious places and are smart determined ladies. Many news stories have dedicated column inches to document this.

Why would anyone want to start a career stripping? The stripping industry has come a long way from the early days and clubs like Spearmint Rhino’s are now an international multimillion dollar business with professional management.

So how much can you earn? There are reports that girls are making $100,000+ easily per year from stripping and one girl in Las Vegas claims to be making $80,000+ per month, thats right I said per month. Obviously you don’t just wake up and start earning that.

A high income stripper relies on many tools. From being an excellent communicator to being an even better listener. She has her sales techniques as sharp as her lady razor. She is adaptable and will make you part with money that you had no intention of spending.

There are now even courses that guarantee to take a beginner and teach her everything to know to be able to earn a decent living at stripping. Whether you want to do it part time to give you a little extra income or choose to go full time and aim for the six figures.

Have you ever heard the saying if you want to teach someone about sales send them to a strip club for the night? The reason is strippers have their skills perfectly in tune. A stripper will entice you in by giving you a free sample. then sell you up to a lap dance and hopefully to a VIP room with champagne at about $500 an hour, it all depends on how good the free sample was.

Becoming a stripper is obviously not for everyone, Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be a bleach blond and have model looks to get started. In fact some of the highest earners have average looks.

Stripping can give you real financial freedom if the right advice is followed, no wonder it seems to be getting all the savvy business women.

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