Advertising Table Cover: Choosing The Right Fabric And Knowing The Uses

Everything you need to know about advertising table covers

When choosing custom table covers for promotion and advertisement, you will get an array of options to choose. While picking the right size is a vital aspect, it is equally important to get suggestions from the experts. Similarly, the designs of table covers need to be equally fascinating and attention-grabbing. 

If you are planning to pick a table cover to meet your needs, measuring the dimensions is one of the first steps to follow. For multiple sizes, you may need to change the standard size. 

Picking the best fabric:

One of the things that differentiate one table cloth from the other is the design and the fabric. You need to choose the fabric based on your budget and requirements. 

  • Polyester 

One of the commonest options to pick when choosing an advertising table cover is polyester fabric. You can choose fire-retardant polyester materials to comply with the regulations of the event. 

  • Poly poplin

Poly poplin is a cost-effective option and one of the finest choices to make for outdoor and indoor table covers. Some of the qualities of poly poplin you need to buy are wrinkle-resistance, quick drying and durability. Moreover, you can iron this material with ease. 

  • Knit polyester

Among the premium fabrics to choose is knit polyester and delivers the best quality and function. Moreover, the material is lightweight, wrinkle-free, and naturally eliminates flames. For events or venues requiring flame-retardant table covers, knit polyester provides the best choices.

  • Contour stretch 

Contour stretch is the modern-day version of the snug-fit table covers and is gradually picking on the trend. Moreover, it offers a sleek and smooth look. The polyester and canvas materials are good for displaying the color imageries that grab the attention of the viewers. 

  • Liquid-repelling polyester

It looks similar to the standard polyester material but the fabric stands apart due to the top coating that repels the liquids. The material is ideal for restaurants and food and beverage companies. 

  • Spandex or stretchy fabrics

If you need a dynamic table cover, the stretch covers are ideal. They are made from knit-stretch polyester material and are attention-grabbing. 

  • Canvas 

The canvas material is excellent for various brands that hold outdoor events that are ideal for heavy use. With custom tablecloths made from canvas, they are equally good for repelling liquids and fire. 

Usage of the cover:

The custom table covers can be used for various purposes and for different events. 

  • Church events

The places of worship and the churches are some of the places where table covers tell the people about the upcoming events.

  • Trade shows 

The trade shows bring several businesses and industries in a single venue. Therefore, you can expect a good number of people to attend the events. Furthermore, it may mean that you need to compete with several other industries. With custom-printed table covers, you can grab the attention of customers with ease as it is one of the most attractive trade show displays to choose.

  • Product launching events

For companies planning to launch new products, custom table covers with the company logo is the right option to choose.

The above-mentioned fabrics and the uses are specific to custom table covers.