Connor Ball can’t feel leg still and fears of permanent damage after nasty Dancing on Ice fall

Dancing on Ice star Connor Ball says he fears he may have permanent damage to his leg after suffering a gruesome injury from a nasty fall he had on the ITV skating show. The bass player for The Vamps has said he still is in pain and worries he may never regain feeling to his one leg.

The 26-year-old sliced open his calf after his shoe’s blade went into his leg, while he performed with his professional partner Alexandra Schauman earlier this year. The musician kept skating until the end of the song with his trousers ripped and leg bleeding, BirminghamLive reports.

When asked at the time if he was alright by Dancing on Ice host Phillip Schofield, he replied: “I don’t want to look what’s going on there right now… I’ll check after. The blade went into my leg, so I don’t know if something’s cut up.”

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Connor went on to have several stitches put into his leg and has since revealed that he still suffers from pain in his leg and a loss of feeling following the incident. Speaking six months after the injury, Connor told The Sun he still has a big scar and claims he’s “always injured” despite having sessions of physiotherapy.

He said: “I am always injured. I have scars, still, and my leg is pretty dead. I can’t feel half of my shin still.

“I went through a nerve and they said it might come back, or it might never. I was having physio but I’ve finished it now.”

At the time of the injury, he added: “It was a bit of a shock, to be honest, it was a lot worse than my last injury with my chin, which at the time I didn’t realise. It was upsetting when they said it would have been a 9.5, but the fall knocked me back.

“When I tore off my trousers I was like, ‘Ahh there’s a big hole in my leg! But it’s all stitched up now and holding together and looking like a shark bite or something like that.

“In the clip, you don’t see the blade go into my leg, and I don’t realise how it happened either, I don’t even know whose blade it was. I also ripped my leg open and have stitches down there there too and there are a lot of bruises.”

Taking to his Instagram shortly after his fall on the show, Connor told his followers: “What a crazy night, I really did get too much into the whole pirate thing. thank you for all the messages I really appreciate it, I’m absolutely gutted about the routine but so grateful you guys still went absolutely mad and voted me through I can’t thank you enough!!

“Once again an accident that never happened in training at all which makes it all the worse for me but gonna put it in the past and get back to training asap!! A huge thank you to the whole team for putting me back together as always and supporting through everything, it really means a lot. much love. x.”

Connor and The Vamps are currently in the middle of their latest tour to mark their 10th year as a band.


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