How Long Does it Take to Write a Dissertation? | PhD | Proposal

What is a dissertation?

A Dissertation is an academic piece of writing, usually long, submitted as part of attainment of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. It is a long paper and takes months or even years to complete. More often than not, It is divided into several chapters depending on your area of study.

Structure of a Dissertation

Dissertations are commonly divided into chapters which include;

  • A title page 
  • An introduction 
  • Abstract
  • A literature review 
  • Methodology
  • An overview of the results of your research
  • A discussion of the results 
  • A conclusion that shows what your research has contributed
  • References

Dissertation help services

A Dissertation help service is an online academic writing service that assists students write or edit their dissertations at a fee. These services are offered by writers who have prior experience in writing dissertations for either themselves or other scholars. If you decide to use a dissertation help service, then there a couple of things to consider. 

First you must ensure that the service you choose is legitimate.  Many of these services, so christened as “Write my dissertation” services may or may not be legitimate. A dissertation being a very important piece of academic writing requires to be handled with the care and complexity it deserves. You need to ensure that the service chosen has handled dissertations before. Many are times scholars end up requesting for such help from services that neither have the expertise nor experience to handle such complex papers. You can always check for the legitimacy of a service by making an enquiry, or by the reputation of a service. You should ensure you ask for the credentials of a writer prior to posting your dissertation for assistance. A service that is hesitant to provide the same should be treated with a pich of salt.

Once you find a trustworthy Dissertation writing service, you should post your dissertation in bits. Never place an order for the whole dissertation as this might be disappointing. You should start with an order for the introduction and title, Abstract, Literature review etc. With each section you will be able to review the paper and judge the quality of the work. If you are satisfied with the work done for the first section you can the post an order for the subsequent sections and so on.

You must ensure you go through the submitted work and check for plagiarism yourself. As alluded to earlier, a dissertation is a very important piece of writing and you would not want to take chances of submitting a plagiarized paper. If satisfied, only then should you place an order for the next section. An important pointer is that never trust a service that does not submit a plagiarism report on request. Any reputable writing service should not have a problem submitting a plagiarism report with every piece of work written.

Finally, if you have written a dissertation on your own, you should consider hiring a writing service for proofreading and editing. You need someone to go through it and make any grammatical corrections and formatting style chosen. Most services offer cheap editing services as part of their after sale service. With this few tips you should be able to get safe dissertation help online