Fashion Trends That Last Forever

Dancing Trousers

If there is something as key to always staying in fashion it is realizing the importance of fashion classics. Since fashionable clothes are constantly changing, each year, it becomes difficult to stay in style if you don’t have the wallet to buy a new wardrobe every year. However, there are a few staples for your wardrobe that will allow you to always look fashionable and change your look for each new season.

Fabrics: While some fabrics are nature made to be worn according to seasons, some others are very expensive. Yet, there still are some fabrics which go well for all the seasons, occasions, and are not very expensive and they are aptly named the classics. Denims are considered king of this category and never go out of style. Blue denim with a white shirt, irrespective of which era he or she belongs to, can add a huge plus to ones fashion quotient. There are similar options to choose from even for slightly formal occasions too. Rayons and Polyesters have never gone out of fashion and if chosen with right patterns colors and topped with right accessories, can surely make you stand out. At the same time, for party wear, chiffons still makes very good fashion sense, and one can be sure of gaining a lot of attention.

Colors: Choosing the right colors to go with the fabrics mentioned above is also very important to make you look fashionable. Spunky colors come in very handy for casual and semi formal dressing. Black and white colors whether worn in combination or individually always make a fashion statement for you and can go in with almost every season and occasion. Black is the best since it easily hides stains or wrinkles. A combination of black trouser/skirt and a light-colored blouse never fails to look classy. A pencil skirt and a dress pant, preferably in darker shades, is also a great foundation to build your travel closet. If you are carrying a pant suit then make sure that the trousers can be matched with another pair of extra jacket that you might carry. Make sure you carry extra blouses. You might also want to carry one of your little black dresses, in case there is invitation for a cocktail party. Similarly blue is immortalized by the denims and is a must have in ones wardrobe. For more casual occasions, you can also choose slightly bright, preferably natural colors, like green and yellow.

Patterns: Today’s fashion trends have a lot to offer, more than just the prints on your clothes, in terms of patterns. But all other aspects of designer shoulders, the well placed neck line, the back cut etc comes at a high premium. While keeping at the definition of classics here too, there are some key patterns one needs to have in her clothes to be able to wear it anytime, anywhere but still not look out of fashion. The plain colors with no pattern have been there in trend since centuries and it almost goes as a norm. Also not to be forgotten are the entire classic stripes, vertical or horizontal, with the combination of good colors. While for a slightly casual mood or a drink out with friends, the quintessential natural flower pattern or even the polka dots of yesteryear adds that much needed extra jazz to your fashion as well as life.

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