Guatemala Gay Bars

Dancing Trousers

When visiting Guatemala there are more than a few Guatemala gay bars that can be found for a night of fun and entertainment, dancing and tasting the local flavors of brews. There is the Brass Beer Company located at 3 Avenida, this bar has microbrews and also has what they term the largest beer you ever had. This is a relaxed environment where good conversation and drinks can be had.

The El Gazabo is located at 6 Calle and is a dance club with the latest international tunes played by DJ, with a large dance floor for an evening of fun. The bar is the place to socialize with the friendly patrons and staff while listening to the latest music.

The Europa is located at 11 Calle in the city and has been the hottest nightspot for over 10 years. The club originally was opened by an American and kept the American flavor with perfectly mixed cocktail drinks in their selection of beers. The atmosphere is friendly along with the staff and the casual place for having fun.

Kahlua is another dance club located in the city that has a mixed crowd of all ages, there is a full cocktail menu at a trendy atmosphere. The music played is perfect for dancing and there is a light show, which makes this bar not the place where business drink, but the perfect place for having fun.

Metropole is one of the Guatemala gay bars that attracts people from all over the city, with their relaxed atmosphere and their dance floor were all kinds of music can be heard. The staff is friendly and bar is open late, making this a welcoming club for patrons to want a fun night out dancing or socializing.

These are some of the Guatemala gay bars that can be found when visiting, along with others where locals and visitors can be found having a fun night out.

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