Las Vegas Nightclubs | See the Best Nightclubs in Vegas for 2021

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The best nightclubs in Vegas are synonymous with wild nights out amongst friends and as long as you can find nightclubs open in Vegas (which is practically every waking hour and love to celebrate life once in a while like me, then these nightclubs Las Vegas features daily won’t disappoint you.

All the top nightclubs in Vegas feature top DJs, celebrity invitations, breath-taking décor, and all types of drinks to cheer you up. I tend to think that this is the perfect place to wind up since at times things take a toll on you.

Here are the best nightclubs in Las Vegas today:

  1. Jewel Nightclub Vegas
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As far as nightclubs on the Strip go, Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas is first on the list as it can practically guarantee an awesome experience you won’t find elsewhere on the Strip. All lovers of spectacular ambience and good music have a newly found joint. Jewel Nightclub, located at ARIA resorts and casino, has 5 VIP suites with the best services. If you are a music lover like me, hip hop and Top 40, among other nice picks, will make your night stay memorable.

  1. Tao Nightclub Las Vegas
image of tao nightclub las vegas

The Venetian nightclub is home to hot entertainment and top tier dining services. Since Tao Nightclub (Las Vegas) emerged in 2005, life has been colorful. I particularly have something for their banquet arrangements, lounge, beach, and exceptional music fun. The 60,000 square feet complex is multi-storied to ensure everyone gets their space for a dose of a thrilling experience.

  1. Halo Nightclub Las Vegas

Update: The Halo Nightclub has since been permanently closed.

  • Address: 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.Las Vegas, NV 89109

For the best night out experience, Halo Nightclub takes the crown. With all the entertainment features you can ask for, it can never get better than this at Halo Nightclub. The most interesting part I adored were the five bars, cocktail bar, two dance floors, two smoking terraces and four VIP lounges. Your drinks will be served from the table service immediately you make an order. What more would you want in a club other than this?

  1. Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas
image of omnia nightclub las vegas

An all in one unforgettable night experience will be at Omnia Nightclub. It has the best club décor, which is always adding a modern taste to its exceptional services. The 75,000 square-foot story is located at Caesar’s Palace. Omnia Nightclub features top DJs and music artists with electric performances you can’t afford to miss.

  1. XS Nightclub Vegas / Wynn Las Vegas Nightclub
image of xs nightclub las vegas aka wynn nightclub las vegas

XS nightclub (also known as Wynn Nightclub Las Vegas) outdoes all other nightclubs in Vegas. Through the state-of-the-art technology and splendid ambience, XS is a perfect choice. For a blend of music, love, art, and food, visit XS nightlife club. Your happy night doesn’t have to go down in a boring way. XS nightclub is here to spice things up.

  1. Drais Nightclub Las Vegas
image of drai's night club las vegas

A night out at Drais is the only thing you want for a memorable experience. The 25,000-foot rooftop features renowned music DJs and top celebrities you have always wanted to meet. You will also grab your best drinks to wind up better since more than 75 drinks are available at the table service. Drais nightclub is the best in terms of fun-filling activities.

  1. Kaos Nightclub Vegas
image of kaos nightclub las vegas

Don’t forget to choose Kaos nightclub as your spot for the best night out. Of course, the club has both day club and night club services to suit every customer. The most intriguing aspect of the club is its exclusive residency for G-EAZY, Above and Beyond, Kaskade, Skrillex, and Cardi B. I treasure the electric performances and the state-of-the-art technology to enhance them. A happy and wild night must be culminated by melodious sound effects from Kaos Nightclub.

  1. Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub
image of hakkasan las vegas nightclub

Las Vegas has never been better than this. Have you been to Hakkasan nightclub? Best music and cuisines are something to salivate for in Hakkasan. Also, the spacious outlets make for a complete night out with friends. For that intimate feeling and celebration of life, Hakkasan Las Vegas is the place to be.

  1. Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas
image of marquee nightclub las vegas

Marquee nightclub spans a beautiful joint for all your entertainment needs. Its big glass windows give a panoramic view of Las Vegas City at night. Music variants from top artists and DJs are everything you don’t want to miss at Marquee. The 40-foot DJ booth and projection are there to give you a music experience like no other.

  1. Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas
image of chateau nightclub las vegas

Chateau is an exceptional rooftop joint featuring the best settings a club would have. By virtue of hosting celebrities like Nicki Minaj, JLo, Backstreet Boys, and Pharrell, it’s surely a great club. I particularly like the idea of amazing music dances all in the club’s spacious dance floor. Chateau hosts bachelorette and birthdays, thanks to its exceptional ambience.

  1. Light Nightclub Las Vegas
image of light nightclub las vegas

As its name suggests, this club has light effects that immerse you into a world of entertainment. Also, the drinks are affordable, and I’m talking about starting $495 for a bottle. Sweet music and hot performances from the best DJs are also something to look forward to. Hip hop and Top 40 lovers will enjoy nightlife like no other. If Ludacris visited this spot, then it must be a good one, right?

  1. Piranha Nightclub Las Vegas
image of piranha nightclub las vegas

Piranha Nightclub is the best place to have a thrilling night in a club. Starting with its dazzling light effects, this club assures of happy times celebrating life. On top of that, the music playlist is out of this world. Enjoying music spins by top DJs is a thing to never forget about in this club. You don’t want to miss the drinks offered here too.

  1. Voodoo Nightclub Las Vegas
image of voodoo nightclub las vegas

Voodoo Nightclub is a mix of adventure and fun. A notable iron staircase is a doorway to various settings of the club. If you are not enjoying some fresh air at the Las Vegas Strip, the lounge is there for some drinks. Voodoo is also spacious enough to hold live music performances and dances from the best artists in the world.

  1. La Jolla Nightclub Las Vegas
image of la jolla nightclub las vegas

La Jolla is the place to be for the best entertainment in the Latin world. The club has different events weekly so that you get maximum fun-filled experiences. Music variations such as Salsa, Banda, and Latin music, among others are some top things to expect here.

  1. 1 OAK Nightclub Las Vegas

Update: 1 OAK Nightclub has since been permanently closed.

  • Located in: The Mirage
  • Address: 3400 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

To enjoy a feel of New York City life at night, 1 Oak nightclub is a spot never to miss. The mix of style, world-class designs and state of the art technology are some features you’ll find. Also, the club boasts hot performances from A-list guests and renowned celebs. Whatever entertainment you want to dance your night away to, the DJs at 1 Oak will deliver it. Sitting at 16,000sq feet, 1 Oak is a club with the taste of fun you haven’t experienced.

  1. Embassy Nightclub Las Vegas
image of embassy nightclub las vegas

All your happy nights have to go down at Embassy nightclub. The Latin-inspired rooftop has everything you’d ask for. Delivering good music to keep you hyped throughout your night stay, it’s a sure bet club. Embassy Nightlife club qualifies to be a top nightlife club in Las Vegas. My opinion is that this club is a must visit the next time you are in Vegas city.

  1. Iconic Nightclub Las Vegas

Update: Iconic Nightclub has since been permanently closed.

Address: 4636 S Wynn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, United States

Give life to your city life by spending nights at Iconic Nightclub. The club stands at Wynn Road where its strategic position ensures you easily spot it. If I tell you the club contains a breathtaking décor you might doubt. So, just plan a trip to the two-storied club for a feel of style and modern taste of music. Check in throughout the week to have a grasp of entertainment at its best. Artists, musicians, fashion icons, name them all, all flock the club to showcase their talents. You should as well join the wagon.

Latin Nightclubs in Las Vegas

So, you are a lover of Latin music? Relax and visit Omnia nightlife club to enjoy a mix of Latin-inspired rhythms. You’ll not only enjoy Hip hop, R&Bs, local dance hits, and any music you’d like to listen to, and of course sing along to.

Omnia features top DJs and this time round check on their calendar to see who will be on the deck. The Deseo Latin Sunday’s package is what I love most in this club. Getting to listen to pure Latin music every Sunday makes you feel at the top of the world.

Mexican Night Clubs in Las Vegas

El Rincon Nayarita is the best Mexican nightlife club. Here, entertainment is round the clock from the best artists in the world. Feel a taste of Mexican life by grabbing a ticket to this spectacular club.

La Hacienda is the next night club you must visit at Las Vegas. The panoramic views of North Las Vegas as well as a superb ambience are all to die for. La Hacienda should be your next stop joint while in Las Vegas. Everything about this club is worth your time, especially in your party mood.

Party like never before at La Jolla nightlife club. This club gives a Mexican feel of music taste, style, dining, and all things partying. I was hoping you wouldn’t pass by La Jolla nightlife club, and trust me; your experience will be one-of-a-kind.

Arabic Night Clubs in Las Vegas

Marrakech Nightlife club is one of the best Arabic Nightlife clubs in the Arabic world. The intimate experience with family or friends at this place is unforgettable. You can order a sumptuous meal as you watch sweet performances on the stage. If you haven’t spent a night at Marrakech, you are really missing out.

Sultan’s Palace is also another club with offerings you won’t find elsewhere. The Arabic-themed club chose Saturday as the day for Arabic performances. World-class DJs give good music that leaves you energized and full of life.


How much are nightclubs in Vegas?

Las Vegas nightlife clubs charge between $20 and $40 on men, and $10 and $20 on women.

How do you get into Vegas nightclubs for free?

You can get into Vegas nightclubs free of charge via the use of the Guest List Service.

How do you get on a Vegas nightclub guest list?

To appear in the Vegas Guest List, simply sign up and complete the process immediately to be enrolled in the program.

What is the best nightclub in Vegas?

Some of the most elegant nightlife clubs in Vegas are Hakkasan, Drai’s, Marquee, Omnia, XS, among others.

What do you wear to nightclubs in Vegas?

In almost all Vegas nightclubs, only upscale casual dress code is allowed since baggy jeans, chains, sports shoes and others are not allowed.

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