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Dancing Trousers


Your smile is my delight.

Your love is my desire.

Your happiness is my goal.

I will love you always.



Thanks for saying “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes …..”


Dear husband, your beer is a treat.

Your home-brewing skills are real neat.

But, my blood pressure rises

when your beer skyward ‘geyses’ –

a feat I’d like not to repeat.

With much love and good humor –

Our kitchen, which inarguably smells like a frat house

Happy 33rd Valentine’s day,  Mr. C!

​Todd. XO

Dear Papa,

Will you be my very first Valentine? The past four months have been magical and I can’t wait to shower you with slobbery baby kisses. Ah-goooo.

Your precious chunk, Saoirse

Happy Valentine’s Day, Anaile!

You are wonderful.  

Love, Amam and Yddad

Hi Dad!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you! 

Love, Calliaroo

C & H,

I love ya!!!


DT –

My Valentine, guiding, leading, turning pages of life’s book.  

Navigating onward to distant shores. 

Down East and home together.    

Beautiful babies grown, perched to fly.   

Futures open and uplifting, youth. 

Now onward, aging, forward together.   

Adventures await…   

Love, AT

My dear Lady Mouse,

You are my Valentine and once vaccinated, we’ll continue to explore the beauty of the world!

Love from your Bear


34 years of Valentines.

Thanks for being mine.


AJT – 

You make us so HAPPY!

Happy Valentines and 50th! 

XOXO, your loving family

You may wear many hats: car repairman, handyman, bread winner, dad. But My favorite hat is the BF hat, especially when he spoils me. 

Happy Valentine’s Day

V just read, J’s eyes follow blue, D did a bracket, and C’s hands just drew.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

Love, Ricky Baker

Dear Gummie, 

Remember what I said about people who can’t drive manual clutch cars.

XOXO, Happy Valentine’s Day!

To my BB,  from your LL, 

Just a reminder of how much I love how we love.

Belgium’s got nothing on us! 

To my BB,  from your LL, 

Just a reminder of how much I love how we love.

Belgium’s got nothing on us! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from your FURiends!

B, P, & P

Dearest Django,

Why doest thou torment a shagged heart?

Each morning my call to you falls flat

On flapped ears.

A frozen reminder of our fallen past.

Will you be mine?

At least bark back next time.


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Pancake mouths are good for me

And for you

XOXO, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all in the town of Harvard. 

How fortunate we are to live in this wonderful community.

Michele & Don Girard

Nonna & Papa,

We love you and miss hanging out….indoors. 

Love, Jay, Eric, & Jax

To Carol Lee, Claudia, Debby, Hemali, Karin, Ketan, Nancy, Rachel, Sandy, Scott and Coach Mark,

It’s a pleasure “pulling” with you! 

Let’s go steady (state)!! XO

A,  J,  C, & E


Love and miss you!

N & P

Liz, Tucker and Hunter—

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you to the moon and back!


 Happy Valentine’s Day, Sandy!



Thanks for asking all those years ago. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us since then. Thanks for being a great pandemic partner. I love and appreciate you,


Happy Valentine’s Day to Ewan, Aiden, Nolan, & Devin.  

Love, Grammy

Dear KNEE—

You are the BEST! Stay safe and look forward to the time we can travel again.

Lots and lots of love!


Dear Daddy,

I love you!  BONK!  ICE CREAM!  Love, Ryan Junior Junior Junior (aka Gengar)! 

Christina and Gianna,

My dear sweet granddaughters,

Wishing you both a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Much love always,


Thirty-five years to the day we got engaged. Still going strong!

XO JV from JK  

Love Song of A Memoir Groupee:

In our Zoom we women come and go, 

sharing creative ebb and flow.

Shall I read my latest effort? Dare I jump into the breach?

Longing for future gatherings, perhaps on Bare Hill beach!

—Liz Cooper

Ole Worm, 

Even in our tenth year, there are still wonders to discover. Is that the Sun or the Moon? Let’s pursue that age-old question, together, for another ten. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Love, Laika

To Nick and Henry,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Who are my favorite people in the world?

Surprise, it’s YOU! 

Love, Mar/Mama

Dear TBone, 

You are our best boy! 

We love you! 


Happy Valentine’s Day to Stel, Buddy Boy, and Mymy. You make our lives so very beautiful. You are my marvelous darlings and I treasure you. 

See you SOON at 105! 

To my loving wife Clare, partner, soul mate and the greatest mother, Happy Valentine’s Days with all my love. Hope to have many more Valentine’s Days together.

Love, Gifford

Love our house in snow and winds,

Farm Dog, Blondboy, Crazy Kinz.

Brindle Corgi loves his games,

Two are twins – we look the SAME.

Happy Valentine’s Day – we love you! 

~Milo, Emma, and Reggie

Special Valentine wishes to all the healthcare heroes, frontline workers, and first responders during the pandemic.

Thank you for all you do!

Be brave, have courage, practice kindness, enjoy life, splash in the ocean, dance under the stars, stay silly, and remember to jazz hands once in a while. We love you, Ava! 

♥ Mom & Dad


The radio’s playing, we sing along,

Me, the words, and you, the song.

The rain and road go on and on,

Til thunder’s light gives way to dawn.

You take my hand as the new day breaks,

Together we go.

The future waits.

To all our friends in and around Harvard Mass

From Sally and Richard Steele in Brunswick, Maine

978.870.8002 still works! 


You’re better than bananas,

alfalfa and carrot tops–

there’s no bun like you, 

you make my heart flop!

XO, Cedar

To Rumpelstiltskin and Little Pea, We love you to the moon and stars and back.

From Mo and Curly

Remember our dream of being recluse homeschoolers? Yeah, me neither, but I love being in the trenches with you and adventuring with our boys…and sharing our secret stash of chocolate…oh wait, now they know!

Dearest: M. 

There’s no one I’d rather juggle two kids, two, jobs, two cats, and one pandemic with than you. Love, B

PS: There’s no town I’d rather do it in; thank you all!

 J & E! 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Bugs!  

XOXO, Mama

To my sweet, sweet Laura,

It’s been five years since we opened the box pandora

And now we’re on Boxboro Road

In our first house where we hope to grow old

Together with love in plethora 


Love you toujours

My special amours

Merci for all you do

I’m here for you

What else can I say

Happy V Day


Married on Valentine’s Day,

Just 24 years ago

Dearest Dan,

You had me at hello


Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥


54 years, 3 children, 2 grandchildren, 1 pony, 2 horses, 5 dogs, 12+ cats. We are blessed and surrounded by love. I love you, Lou.

Love, Barb

Happy Valentine’s Day, Caden, and Caera!  

Your dads are very proud of how well you’re doing in school and with all of your activities. We love the kind, smart and strong kids you have become. 

—Dad & Daddy

Happy Valentine’s Day, Annabelle Bombardier!

We are so proud of you. You are so kind and caring, and you are a wonderful big sister to your baby brother. Thanks for being you! 

Love, Mom and Dad

Happy Valentine’s Day, Vv.

You’re the best kid ever! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Piggy

Sending love and good wishes to old friends … the best friends … since 1977! 


Dear R.J.B.D.

You feed us, you pet us, you love us, you get us our treats! 

You’re so sweet!

Wags & Licks,

Shadow & Sky

To my sweetheart, for the time shared, arguments overcome, and for the joy you’ve brought.  

Lou, Barb, Chris, Mike, Meg, Auntie Bonnie… we are stronger together. Love you all! –Mommy Mary

Suzan with a “Z”

You’re the one for me.

Be my Valentine forever



May the white snow surround us as a reminder of love’s blanket.

May the sun reflect back from it the shine of love’s light.

May we remember as we shovel that love can take a bite. 

—Another who must remember to sit

Max and Bodhi,

Those poetry books stacked on the dining table

Aren’t just for pre-meal readings

And yeah, Valentine’s Day is for cardsellers and candyboxers

But let’s mark the occasion by celebrating our family.

Whose turn is it to read?





you’re as sweet as chocolate candy





new knee, old dog, not so fast there



nosegay, narcissus

ever thoughtful, gracious, generous



angelica’s clever, knowing

you’re the best mom ever!

To the teachers and staff of the Harvard public school

We thank you and praise you for learning new tools

Like zoom and cahoot, to name just a few,

While donning your masks and hand-washing too!

Our heroes for sure, your hearts shine like jewels!

~ The Redinger Family

Emma – Sorry for being a mean brother.I love you! 

Love, M

Always in your corner

Here to push off of

We will love you forever

Our three Little Loves

Happy Valentine’s Day, girls!

Hugs from Mama and Dad

Dear M,

Red is the rose

Blue is the violet

You’ll always be

My best co-pilot.


Dear Te5s and Ka7e,

Roses come in many hues

Violets of course are violet

Please now go look in your shoes

And then above the tiolet

Happy Valenines Day!.


Can’t wait to get back to “normal” but thank you for shining on me every day! 

I ♥ u.  C

Caroline, Owen, & Lisa –

Thank you for being the

Valentines of my life

Happy Valentine’s Day to Susie, Dee, Lyn, Laurie and all the staff.  We love you all. Keep up all the good work.

Love, Joan and Steve

M & C—

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I couldn’t wish for better pandemic pod-buddies than you.

x H

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ to my beautiful Bassi family.

Love you! 

XOXO, Momma

Happy Valentines day to Mom, Dad, Emily, Robyn and Erica. Thank you for letting us tear up your furniture and sleep on your feet.

With love, Chat-toe, Tigrey, and Wilma.  

Now open a can of wet food for us, ’cause that dry stuff just doesn’t cut it!


We love you more. You girls are the best.

Love, MB, DB, and Pets (Brrrp!)

Look out at the landscape

That you helped to shape 

Through your many donations

for wildlife nations

with all of the birds and animals we see

Thank you! Sincerely, from HCT

To My Hunny–

Thanks for putting up with me. Have we been married too long? (No) 

Love you, R

 “No, closer,” you tell me, “right on top of each other,”

Nudging the logs together in the woodstove as if knives in a drawer.

Then you walk slowly, backwards, down the stairs

As though this fire were not still blazing like insanity.    

Dear Peshal: Will you be my V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E?

Dear Roman: Happy Valentine’s Day sweet boy!

Dear Bis: Happy Valentine’s Day sweet girl!

Love you all. 

From your Valenpeshal, Valenmom, & Valentillie

To Ellin, my love:

We are all so thankful for your tireless efforts to turn this year’s lemons into lemonade! Thanks for your love and support.

Travis, Mason, and Marie 

Happy Valentine’s Day to JAKESQ!!!

There should be a LAW against how much we LOVE you!

So PROUD of you in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of!!


Mama & Da

A huge THANK YOU to all the Harvard Public School teachers, staff, and administrators! We appreciate all your extra work and creativity in continuing our children’s excellent education under extraordinary circumstances. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Olive and Elouise

Love, Daddy and Mommy 

Happy Valentine’s Day to Our Little Mountain Goat!

Keep on bringing the Glam to the Rocky Mountains one Patagonia at a time!

We are SO PROUD of Our Snowboarding Queen of the Slopes!


Mama & Da


Acrry Vcnbcekpb’t Hcy!

Gabgm yqud ockn fqx!

Nqvb, CJR

Happy Valentine’s Day to all delivery and grocery workers, medical staff, folks facilitating testing and vaccinations, in person and remote teachers, social workers and therapists, and everyone powering through or barely hanging on. —JM

Lots of love to Barbara, Julie, & Diane

My Valentine likes to jam and invest

And keep close to his chest

Birds will leave the nest

Cupid will fly away

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pepe and Nona 

Love, Olive and Elouise XOXO

Dearest Loosie, 

Time for Coffee…

Time for Tea…

Time for an Intervention for My Valentine and me!

Miss you. Love you.


TB,  You’re the one I most want to quarantine with. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to Miss Marple!

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

We miss you SO much,

You haven’t a Clue!

All our love from Miss Scarlet and the Harvard Cast of Characters

Happy Valentine’s Day to AR from HB

Happy Valentine’s Day, Roland!!! 

Thank you for taking care of the squirrels and even squirrelier me.

You are a marvel of a Man!


The Wife

Bunches of love, bunches of flowers, all bunchied together. Who could this be for?

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite human and favorite pair of ankles!

Kiss, kiss, nibble, nibble ♥,



Roses are red and violets are blue

You will always be my valentine through and through!

Love, Tedmund


Roses are red

Virulence is rather blue

Such sad haiku (Ew!)

XO, Moira

To Grace, Rocco, Willow, and Evie-Mae,

Yoda best.

Love, Mom and Dad


We have traveled the world over to find the beautiful. Grateful that we have carried it with us to get us through this year.

Love from your quarantine buddy,

The Snooks

Dear C –

I love you a bushel and a peck … and on so many levels. Be mine – now and always. 

Love, Your Sunshine 

Daddy Donny,

Thanks for being the best doggy daddy ever!  “perky” (splat)  and furry flurry (brat) 

OXOX, bw


You’re my Valentine on the 14th of February. On the upcoming 14th of March, we’ll round out our 50 years of marriage; more than ever you’ll still be my Valentine. 


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