How to decorate your living room in the Norwegian style?

23 Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room Designs

The living room is the central part of any house used the most by all family members. Keeping it clean and organized gives the whole home a tidy look. Everyone has different preferences in decorating this part of their residence. But one thing they all want to ensure is styling it conveniently and impressively. Read this article to learn how you can design your living room in the Norwegian way

Living rooms in Scandinavian houses are well-known for their neutral look and simple design. They are styled like the rest of the house, primarily with soft and calming hues. The features of a Norwegian living room are:

  • Neutral colors

Norwegian people always favor light and neutral colors such as white, cream, or beige. This gives the house a soft and airy look. The natural light shines in ough the window and reflects off these colors to lighten up the house without needing to turn lamps. If you wish to decorate your walls with wallpaper then it is best to choose ones that are light-colored and textured patterns are exclusively preferred. ReviewsBird has some great stores available that you might want to check out and see which one to shop from.

  • Practicality

Like every constructed room, keeping in mind how and what it will be used for, the Norwegians also build their living rooms with the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. So remember to use the space wisely by including the necessary things and avoiding extravagant items that look nice but are of no use.

  • Furniture

The Norwegian interior follows a minimalistic theme and sustains a spacious look. If you want your living room to resemble a living room in a Norwegian house, then remember to place sofas that will seat all your family and leave room for at least two guests. Cramping too much furniture is different from their style. Keep a sofa set and a good-quality center table to complete the look. 

  • Materials

The locals of Norway like to drape their sofas and recliners with fluffy sheets to give the ultimate soft look. Cushions and pillows are also placed to prioritize comfort. A lot of creativity is apparent in the way cushion covers are designed with intricate patterns and innovative drawings. 

  • Other accessories 

Norwegian living rooms contain all useful storage utilities like cabinets and bookshelves. The colors are matched with the rest of the interior and compartments for gadgets like television and gaming console are built too. Most living rooms contain paintings depicting natural landscapes or green scenery as Norwegians are fond of nature. Keeping plants is also a common practice. 

  • Curtains 

Because the climate of the Nordic regions remains cold throughout the year, thick curtains are chosen to cover the windows. The choice of colors is up to you, although they are again matched with the light-colored surroundings.


The dwellings of Norwegian people are a class apart due to their excellent sense of styling. To see the insides of their houses is an exciting experience and makes one want to remodel their own spaces inspired by their taste. 

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