Pretty much every school uniform in Auckland, reviewed and ranked

After years of hearing Aucklanders bicker over who has the least horrific school uniform, Tauranga-born Janaye Henry decides once and for all who is serving the best looks at the inter-school events.

Spoiler alert: Contains pinstripes, skorts and cufflinks.

Who knew there were so many colleges in Auckland? Certainly not me when I embarked on this ranking. I once wore a school uniform and worked for nine months in a retail store and this qualifies me to judge every single school uniform I could find. Of course my personal opinion on fashion and school uniform matters hugely and therefore all

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Michael Jordan’s Practice Uniform Is Amazing

My holy quarantine fashion grail.
Photo: ESPN

Much has been written about how we should dress while social distancing. Some people believe we should wake up every morning and put on the same clothes we would normally wear to work. These people frighten me, and I am going to move on without addressing them directly. Other people say, “Put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, go crazy — you’re at home!” These people work in finance and should not be heeded on any matter, even financial. Still others suggest we should wear comfy pajamas, and these people are

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