Why Fajas Colombians are the Best Waist Trainers

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At first glance, Fajas Colombians and waist trainers may seem like the same thing. However, two significant differences set these products apart from one another. Suppose you’re looking to slim down your midsection and achieve a more hourglass figure. Then it’s essential to take note of these differences before making your purchase.

You can find waist trainers in places these days, from big-box stores to brick-and-mortar retailers to even discount websites like eBay. But the problem with buying your waist trainer from anywhere, especially when the market is so flooded with options, is that you risk wasting money on an inferior product. 

Are They Good For All Body Types?

The best waist trainers are made with quality and care so that a wide variety of body types can use them. The material is designed to stretch, so you get a customized fit no matter your size or shape. The best waist trainers can also be worn under clothes so nobody will ever know that you’re wearing one.

They’re great for almost every body type and perfect for those who want to lose weight and those who want to tone up. You can use a waist trainer to accentuate your curves if you have a tiny waist. Having a larger core can help you achieve that hourglass shape that many women desire. 

Can I Use Them While Working Out?

No matter your workout, fajas Colombians won’t get in your way. Because they don’t have restrictive boning or heavy stitching, they won’t chafe or get caught on equipment like exercise balls and weight racks. You can even take dance classes while wearing them. No matter what you do, fajas Colombians will smooth your silhouette without hindering your movements.

Because these waist trainers are made from flexible materials, they can be washed and dried with your other clothes in a commercial washing machine. If they become too loose after wearing them, you may wish to shorten them by sewing more rows of hooks together when you order new fajas Colombians every few months.

How Long Before I See Results?

Sure, you’ll likely shed a few pounds over your first couple of weeks with a waist trainer, but it won’t be like those before-and-after transformations we all hope for. It would help if you treated your waist trainer as another part of your daily routine and exercise regimen.  

Start small with three to four hours a day and work your way up. If you set unrealistic expectations, you’ll get discouraged when you don’t see changes immediately and stop wearing your waist trainer entirely, ultimately negating any slimming benefits. Stick with it. 


Before you buy a waist trainer, look at some reviews and see what people are saying about that brand. If there’s a lot of negativity or complaints about one brand, I would advise you to stay away from it. It might be best to stick with an internationally-known company like FajasColombians.

 Rather than get scammed by a startup company trying to make a quick buck, to learn more, read my full review of why Fajas Colombian is currently my favorite waist trainer on the market right now. 

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