The Bodystocking, What Do You Know About This Piece Of Sexy Lingerie? The Outrageous History And Use

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When you look at a bodystocking, this promiscuous piece of sexy lingerie, all you can think is “WOW!”. Yet, what is this piece of lingerie, are there different types? What do you know about the bodystocking? Read this article for information about this naughty piece of sexy lingerie.

History of the bodystocking

It is not exactly known when the first bodystocking was made; it does however have an interesting history perfectly fitting in with this piece of sexy lingerie. In 1861 the bodystocking caused a prudish outrage, when Adah Issacs Menken wore it in a theatre play, on the stage. Her role was as a man and she used the body stocking to preserve modesty while appearing naked. It’s a good job that she didn’t use some of the sexy lingerie bodystockings made today!

Bodystockings became widely used on stage to give the illusion that the actor/actress was naked. A mass produced body stocking hit the shops in 1965. It was used as a control aid, to keep the whole body in control, like stockings do with your legs. The sexy lingerie bodystocking of today is a far cry from the modest pieces that covered you up in the past!

Bodystockings of today

Today’s sexy lingerie body stocking covers up your legs, torso and sometimes your arms. This is not an item to be used in public or for sports – it is an under-garment for the bedroom or under your clothes. It has also been incorporated into some belly dancers and exotic dancer’s costumes.

The bodystocking is designed to be worn with nothing underneath, however for the more modest of us you can still pull it off with a gorgeous set of bra and panties underneath.

Bodystockings are usually sheer and revealing, the sort of material used are lace, satin and fishnet. With a variety of designs you can even find modest ones out there. They don’t have to completely cover your body either – some designs have panels cut out to give the observer a naughty glimpse of bare skin. They can be awkward if you are wearing them under clothes and nature calls, as with some body stocking you will need to take the whole item off. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there is crotch-less varieties out there as well.


This is definitely an item of sexy lingerie designed to steam up windows. So ladies why not try this naughty piece of underwear, even if it is to wear under your clothes to give you a boost of confidence and sexuality.

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