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You can find a hidden sanctuary in Kampong Bugis the place you can go for a little escape. Situated on the fourth floor of a nondescript constructing, Altered States presents wellness courses and workshops like mudra movement meditation, ecstatic dance and yin yoga to aid practitioners get the job done the head, overall body and spirit. 

We are below to try out something on the restful aspect today – gong meditation. This seem remedy class tends to make use of the gong to ‘bathe’ you in healing seem vibrations, which is believed to boost rest, launch and even suffering aid. Great for the pressured-out individuals out there, or so we hope. Here’s what went down.

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Altered States&#13
Photograph: Cheryl Sekkappan

Starting with the breath 

Stepping into the Altered States studio right away puts you at simplicity – it is really decked out with calming white walls, arching doorways, cosy beanbag chairs and lush plants in the major corridor, although the single classroom has a wall of windows to permit in pure light.

The gong meditation course begins with a seated meditation, in which we systematically launch tension from the tops of our heads down to our toes. Instructor Kristin’s calm voice guides us as a result of this part.

Quickly, it is time for the meat of the course. Not like other audio tub classes, this session incorporates mild movement by the practice of qigong. Translating to ‘life power cultivation’, qigong is an age-outdated practice rooted in regular Chinese medicine that is all about circulating ‘qi’ or everyday living electricity all over the overall body. It can be thought to lessen worry and make improvements to immunity, among the a host of other well being advantages. 

The movements we follow right now all have suitably poetic names, like ’embracing the mountain’ and ‘painting the rainbow’. Kristin shares handy visualisations to help us reach the ideal kind and flow. My favourite is when she tells us to think about ourselves as a balloon, breathing in to ‘inflate’ and lift our arms overhead and respiration out to ‘deflate’ as we float our arms back down. 

Qigong is more challenging than it appears. As Kristin suggests to me following course, the exercise is like ‘an onion’, with layered features of breath, kind and movement to feel about. Without a doubt, I observed myself acquiring to concentration fairly tough to retain my pounds shifting appropriately, my breath in sync, and my head current but peaceful. 

Altered States&#13
Photograph: @alteredstates.sg/Instagram

Finding down to the seem tub

This is the element that most men and women are absolutely sure to enjoy. For gong meditation, we are invited to sit up or lie down. Most of us opt to stretch out on our backs, settling pillows driving our heads and curling up with blankets. 

When we start off, the sound of the gong is louder than envisioned and reverberates by the ground. Kristin starts off off rather smooth, with broadly spaced beats on the gong. As we progress, the house involving beats contracts, and her enjoying gets louder and a lot more rigorous.  

It’s demanding at 1st to sink into it. There are so several thoughts in my head – I am wondering about get the job done tomorrow, how to make the lengthy way house, how my arm is itchy, and why am I thinking so much? 

My fellow classmates never seem to be to be owning the exact same trouble, mainly because snores before long punctuate the chiming of the gong. But eventually, the harried feelings begin to slip absent and the 30 minutes on the mat fly by. When the seem of the gong fades absent, I’m suddenly knowledgeable that I would drifted off into a trance-like state and need to consciously pull myself back into my human body.

We take a handful of cleansing breaths to stop the session, and Kristin advises us to consume loads of water to help the body to release toxic compounds, which she suggests is a person profit of gong meditation.


I do a look at-in with myself as I walk out of course, and am glad to notice that I truly feel looser, calmer and extra content material. I can certainly see how a steady and mixed observe of qigong and gong meditation can support to cultivate toughness, equilibrium, emphasis and peace. 

The wander from Kampong Bugis to the bus cease involves me to take a winding wander by a canal, and I come across myself smiling at the great breeze and evening lights twinkling off the h2o. It was a excellent hour and 15 minutes nicely put in, and worthy of repeat visits for a break from our every day hustle. 

Indicator up for a gong meditation class ($35) at alteredstates.sg and look at out its other wellness periods and workshops. 

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