Choosing the Right Lingerie For the First Date

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The first date is the most important date plain and simple. It is your one and only chance to make that lasting first impression and the one outfit that he will remember many years down the road. Appearance plays a huge role in first impression. Most women will go through their closet once, if not twice in search for the perfect outfit that screams out to them from beyond the mirror, “I’m the one, wear me! I’m perfect”. Women spend a lot of time deciding on the clothes that will be worn but double that goes into the thought process of lingerie. It’s actually such a conflicting decision you can almost stress yourself out over it.

Lingerie for a first date can be very tricky. You do not want to look like you dressed for the occasion and that you planned for him to get a peek at your perfectly matching undergarments, however you want to make sure that you are well prepared if he actually does. Men want women to look sexy without knowing that they tried too hard. A lot of women will naturally gravitate toward black lingerie because it’s the safe, sexy choice. This can work or not work for you. Some men will automatically just love it and not think twice about it but others think of as black lingerie and sex pops right into their brain. If they see you have chosen to wear black lingerie on a first date they may get the impression that you definitely planned for this moment to happen.

Matching lingerie is essential. Although you don’t want to look like you put a lot of thought into it, you also don’t want to look like a train wreck. Most men actually prefer lingerie that is simple and feminine. Articles of color, pattern and that cute little bow is a great turn on. What lingerie you choose for a first date may also depend on the date. If he is taking you skiing or possibly to a BBQ or somewhere very casual than you probably want to opt for very simple, yet pretty lingerie or else you will definitely look like you tried too hard. Men love boy shorts so for casual dates why not try a cute pair of cotton boy shorts with a matching bra. You could wear a matching set with stripes, polka dots, butterflies and fun vibrant colors to show your flirty side.

For more of a traditional date like dinner or a show then you may need to glam it up a bit. Chances are that cotton probably is not acceptable in this situation. A bit of lace or satin would be nice. Tones of silver, burgundy and navy blue add elegance. You want to look like you are a sexy woman under those clothes but that it’s not an easy task to get the privilege to see.

Whatever you wear, you need to feel comfortable. Wearing it around the house first for a bit helps, sitting and standing is recommended. You don’t want a pair of panties that moves on you every time you move nor do you want a bra that you are falling out of when you bend over. Try out your lingerie for movement and makes sure that it works for you. If you feel sexy underneath your clothes it will shine through. There is nothing sexier than a woman with self-confidence and knowing what’s underneath your clothes might give you that extra boost to make the perfect first impression.

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