How Creativity Helps You Think Outside of the Box

Dancing Trousers

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our Creativity is our gift back to God”.
~The Artist Way

As stated in this quote from Julia Cameron the importance of being creative is clear. By using the gift of creativity people can heal themselves and their lives. The expression of your gift is different for everyone, some may enjoy cooking while others prefer to create sculptures or dance. Whatever your gift is in the creative realm it is something that makes you happy. We’ve all heard about dancing to the beat of a different drum and expressing your gift is much like that. You express your creativity in the way that feels best to you and it is an act of reaffirming your spirit.

What is Your Gift?
Over the years I have met many people, who were miserable because they had nothing they were passionate about, or they had something they loved to do, but did not do it because of self imposed time limitations or money limitations, stress or whatever other excuses they had to avoid being creative. This caused them to feel the pressure from inside themselves even more, the urge to be passionate, to find joy was there but they didn’t take the time to discover it and explore it. The good news is everybody can get into the habit of being in touch with their creative inner beings.

Making Changes
We can recreate our lives at any time if we choose to. Nothing is more boring than doing the same routine over and over again, always socializing with the same people and going to the same places. So when you want to discover what you are passionate about, when you want to explore your creative urges you must first learn how to become comfortable with breaking out of a rut and shaking up your routine.

I ignored my creative passion for 30 years, to pursue more practical things in life. This did not serve me well. I abandoned myself and my spirit, which made me miserable. I was 30 pounds overweight, depressed, angry with the world, and totally stuck. If anyone knows the challenges involved in getting in touch with your gift it’s me. For years I had this voice in my head telling me that if I would find my passion, would just become more open to being creative my life would work out. I chose to ignore this voice until it got so loud and I got so desperate, that I finally listened.

As a child I was taught that to be a successful adult you have to work hard and life is not supposed to be fun. When it finally sunk in that there is fun, there is passion and there can be creativity in life, I went on a soul searching journey. I found my passion and how to express it. I learned to have fun again and life is so much more colorful, exciting, friendly and inspiring. Being creative awakens our genius; we just have to open up to it.

I love to inspire and empower others and motivate them to pursue their dreams. To help them build the courage to dare to transform aspects of themselves and their lives and to remind them that they can do it.

“We learn to do something by doing it, there is no other way” ~John Holt

These 12 simple steps will help you find your passion and get in touch with your creative spirit.
1. Do something different every day
2. Make new friends
3. Be aware
4. Do things to keep you centered
5. Love yourself
6. Believe in your-self
7. Be open
8. Play
9. Have fun
10. Experiment
11. Do not take your-self too serious
12. Listen to the voice inside of you

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