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Here’s some new products I think you might love that have either just been released or things that I’m eyeing. There’s skincare, makeup, small business clothing and more! And, like always, there’s plenty of special codes in here for you, too! Take a gander.

WE HAVE A NEW CREAM – No, no, I have not yet tried it…but I’m going to try it! is getting A LOT of buzz. Formulated without essential oils or fragrance, this cream hydrates, is great for all skin types (even acne-prone skin), nourishes the skin and leaves a matte finish, too. Sounds like a great makeup primer, too. Get a special discount with code: agentkatie

that was giving me crappy water pressure. Ever since I installed my Jolie shower filter (you’ve probably seen them on IG) my water pressure is awesome, my hair color is staying in longer and it’s just so beautiful. They come in and you only need to change the filter every 3 months. I love, love, love mine! Get it

INNERSENSE BRIGHT BALANCE – Have blonde or gray hair and don’t love the brassiness? I’ve been waiting a LOOOOOONG time for green beauty to come out with violet-hued brass-busting haircare. Innersense’s new vegan shampoo & conditioner help to neutralize brassiness with clean ingredients! Shop here if you’re a Beauty Heroes subscriber (you’ll get 15% off) or if you’re a new customer at The Detox Market, take 15% off with code: GPJ15 here.

20% off of French Farmacie

EXFOLIATOR THAT IS A GAME-CHANGER I was recently introduced to French Farmacie and let me tell you, I’m HOOKED on their Elixir Exfoliant. Why? It’s an oil that you keep on your skin for 10-30 mins (I say go for 30) and when the time is up, you use the (dampened) organic cotton cloth that is included and polish your skin gently to take off their oil. I could not believe what it did to my skin! Dry flakes on my nose – gone, softest skin, bright and clear and soo, sooo smooth. This product is a lifer for me. Take 20% off with code: GPJ. Shop here.

has minis of their best-selling face oils, Serene (essential oil-free) and Illumine (great for brightening). So, if you’re just wanting to test them out, this is a great opportunity OR if you need travel sizes. My favorite is Serene! Take 15% off with code: GPJ. Shop

FALL NAILS I love Kure Bazaar and their colors are just gorgeous. I love how they go for both bold and also super-dreamy muted tones. So many of these are simply perfect for Fall, too…dusty roses, muted browns. If you’re a new customer at The Detox Market, take 15% off with code: GPJ15. Shop here.

TEETH WHITENING, FLOSSER & MORE I’m big into taking care of my teeth. I love having the best of the best in terms of brushing, flossing and now, whitening. These whitening strips are great because they’re gentle and made with cleaner ingredients (like coconut oil). The flosser is fantastic and I get a new head delivered for both my toothbrush and the flosser. Check ’em out here.

has just released their new multi-sticks…in a tube! There’s two new kinds – one for a sheer, dewy finish and one for more pigment. Lots of shades and no plastic! Take 20% off with code: GPJ20. Shop here.

MY NEW OBSESSION – Yeah, it may seem strange, but since I moved to Asheville I’m all about cozy, gorgeous legwarmers and big socks. I like to get them from small businesses. These are some of my favorites: these and these and I love these merino wool leggings, too!

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