Never Buy a Blue Canopy Tent Without Considering these Vital Factors

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There are many reasons to buy a canopy tent. These versatile tents come helpful in various situations. From camping to marketing your brand at a tradeshow – you can use a custom-printed blue canopy tent for many different reasons.

However, the market is flooded with these tents. It’s hard for first-time tent shoppers to buy tents that they can use in different situations. Whether you use them for recreation or as marketing tools, there are some vital features you should always look for –

Strong Support Bars

Support bars, also known as truss bars, help canopy tents stay upright. Without them, the tents would collapse. That’s why buying tents with thick and strong support bars is vital. The bars will keep the tents stable, even in harsh weather conditions.

Stainless-steel or aluminum support bars are the best for canopy tents. Bars made of these materials are durable enough to withstand years of use, abuse, and moisture damage. Avoid buying tents with plastic truss bars as they can break easily.

A Strong Frame

The frame of your tent will keep all the other components in place during installation and uninstallation. A strong and flexible tent frame is essential for keeping everything smooth, safe, and convenient. Aluminum frames are the best for canopy tents because they’re light, rust-resistant, and durable.

Leg Weights

Buying tents with leg weights is a must if you plan on using these tools in windy conditions. The leg weights prevent canopies from being blown away by wind gusts. Many tent sellers offer leg weights, anchors, or sandbags as free accessories. Look for such sellers.

Sunlight Protection

Tents made of synthetic fabrics like polyester and vinyl are highly durable. Some tent sellers heat-treat these fabrics to manufacture UV-resistant canopy tents. These fabrics don’t allow the sun’s harsh UV rays to penetrate the tents.

The people inside the tent are hence, safe from UV exposure. This feature is very important – whether you use your custom canopy tent for camping or as a promotional tool. According to recent studies, exposure to harsh UV rays can cause –

  • Premature aging of the skin
  • Wrinkles on the skin
  • Leathery skin
  • Liver spots
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Solar elastosis
  • Eye inflammation (burned cornea)

UV-resistant tents offer up to 90% protection from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. These tents are also more durable. Tents made of heat-treated and UV-resistant fabrics can stay outdoors for long periods without picking up heat or sunlight damage.

Easy Customization Options

People planning to use their tents for promotional reasons must only buy from sellers who offer total customization control. At tradeshows, promotional events, etc., brands get limited time to make impressions on the attendees.

A well-designed, custom-printed tent can help them attract thousands of eyes at these events. Brand leaders must custom-print their marketing tents with high-quality graphics, short but eye-catching messages, and other appealing design elements.

Look for custom tent sellers who allow users to customize their tents online. Send them your brand’s artwork, brand details, etc. They’ll custom-print these elements on your tent.