Stripper Salary – How to Get Him to Say Yes

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One of the questions I get asked most by new dancers is “How do you get almost every guy to say yes?” Although sometimes, like on a busy weekend night when there are more customers than dancers, it’s pretty easy to walk around and say, “Wanna Dance?” and someone is bound to say yes. Other times it’s not quite so easy. (More often in this economy, right?)

For example, have ever been having a nice conversation with a customer and not known how to ask him for a dance? So you just let him ramble on about his nagging wife and kids, and out if the blue you just blurt out “Wanna Dance??” when a new song starts playing….even though it had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation? I did that a lot when I first started dancing. And I got used to that awkward silence…and then him saying, “Uhhh….No. Not now.”

The key to getting him to say “YES!” is to be in control of the conversation, and to sound polished when you lead the conversation into your closing lines. If you don’t take the time to build the foundation conversation, and just skip to the closing line you will come off sounding fake, greedy, and salesy.

Here is the good news, you don’t have to suffer through 4 years of trial and error and losing out on sales like I did! I will teach you how to identify your customer, build your conversations, and more importantly… link the conversation to the the closing line so it flows more naturally. Once you do this, you will hear yes way more often.

Ever wonder why you’re his “type” sometimes and not others? One of the first things I teach is how to identify your customer. If you want to become a top earning stripper you must have the ability to spot your customers better. You may have noticed that some customers respond very well to you approaching and curling up to them immediately, other customers have a need for more personal space.. If you use the wrong strategy when introducing yourself, he will immediately be turned off and you will likely not get the sale. I can teach you how to assess every customer before you approach him according to his dress, appearance, body language and some other factors very quickly.

Also focus on your persuasive communication strategies and mindset. The way you speak to customers is much different than normal speech. Simply by changing your sentence structure, you can get your customers to say YES more often. You can start using one of the most powerful skills I teach: Tie Downs with a Head Nod. Work on wording all of your questions as statements that lead to the answer YES. Use it properly and you will see a tremendous boost in your income very quickly. Remember all questions as statements such as “You wouldn’t mind if I sat down, would you” instead of “Can I sit down with you?” These are tools that lead to the answer yes, and yes is the magic word to making sales. “Its a beautiful day isn’t it?” “You’re having a fun night so far, aren’t you?” “This is a hot spot tonight, huh?” If you can get your customer in the pattern of saying yes you’ve got him hooked. Close him with this one now… “You’d really like a dance now, wouldn’t you?” If he says “No” it breaks the pattern and the momentum.

One more stripper tip: remember to follow up with your customers, “Come back later,” really could mean come back later, not just a blow off. Start planting your seeds when guys come in the door, not saying “Wanna Dance”. Try this: “Hi I’m [insert YOUR name], welcome to [insert name of your club], go sit down, have some fun, I’ll check back with you later.” This gives you a huge head start over everyone in the club and he knows your name for later, so be sure to use this to your advantage, it’s a powerful tool.

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