Why Choose a 5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas

Why Choose a 5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas

Engagement rings come in different shapes, designs, settings, and other factors. Choosing a perfect engagement

Engagement rings come in different shapes, designs, settings, and other factors. Choosing a perfect engagement ring is hard, that’s why men are becoming smarter by choosing a store that can help them get the perfect ring they would offer to their partner. Stores have been customizing rings even before customers ask for designs, for customers to see the exact product, and they can just buy the ready-made engagement rings. 5 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas has started getting popular because of its unique top view appearance. Buying an engagement ring requires customers to learn about diamonds for them to get the perfect one for their partner.

Choosing a variety of rings from a list can make one decide longer that’s why jewelers are now offering ready-made diamond engagement rings to make life easier for men who want to propose. 

Pointers to Consider in Purchasing 5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

5 Carat Not more not Less

When buying 5-carat rings make sure it is 5 carats or more and not less than otherwise, it’s not 5 carats. Since you’re paying for the carats make sure it’s exact or get the exact carat and this is where they compute the price since most diamonds are rate per carat and decimal points are included. Although getting a perfect 5 carat cut diamond makes sure it is close to 5 carats to be counted under a 5-carat diamond ring.

Complete Certification 

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate can assure diamond buyers that the diamond they bought is 100% real. Make sure that the diamond you’re purchasing comes with a GIA certificate. Diamonds are graded using the GIA scale, once the diamond grading report is done a certificate will be issued to prove it is legit. 

Diamond-Cut Details 

5 cushion-cut carat diamonds measure 9.96×9.96×6.37mm. Cutting diamonds are done by experts to get the exact measurement it needs, especially the ones for rings. Since rings work on the finger, cuts are important, it should fit perfectly with the size of the finger for better appearance. Proper cutting of diamonds can reveal their brilliancy and beauty, so make sure to get from a shop that can cut diamonds perfectly. 


It’s fine to compare prices from different stores, it’s your money and your spending after all. Another thing whenever people buy things they want the best and at a good price. Diamonds are indeed expensive but if you can get a lower price for the same kind of ring then why not. Cushion cuts cost less than round cuts, however, it depends on their popularity. If more people are buying cushion cuts then prices can go up. 


When getting cushion cut diamonds for your engagement rings, choose H from the GIA color scale.  This diamond cut is considered the worst shape when it comes to retaining the color. H belongs to the nearly colorless bracket, which means it’s almost colorless. Color on diamonds may not be visible but the more colorless the diamond is the more expensive it is.  


For clarity SI2 or SI1 will be ideal for cushion cut diamonds from the GIA clarity scale. Since cushion cut has a large open table, you might have to add more to your budget but the result will pay it off. Facets of the diamond should also be polished to bring out the brilliancy of the stone. 

To help you better with your search for 5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas your nearest jewelry store will be much willing to assist you in choosing the design that would perfectly fit your future wife. The pointers given can aid you in understanding the things your dealer will discuss with you regarding the 5-carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring you would choose. Knowing the item you will purchase can help you decide easily which one to purchase. Getting this type of diamond engagement ring will surely make your partner have the surprise of her life. She will surely love it since cushion cut diamonds are becoming more trendy now, she will love the idea that you choose a trendy cut and she will be wearing the ring happily and proudly.